We share ten hula hoop tricks for beginners to help you learn to hoop dance and build your hoop flow. These hoop dance tutorials were created by some of our favourite hoopers from around the world including Marawa the Amazing, Deanne Love, Jon Coyne aka Hoopsmiles, Jo Mondy from LiveLoveHoop, Morgan Jenkins from the Hooptown Hotties and myself! I’m Mishie Hoops, founder of The Hula Hoop Institute and creator of The Hoop Dream Retreat.

This article includes hoop dance tutorials suitable for absolute beginners – hula hooping on your waist, hooping in lasso, passing around your body, barrel roll isolation, horizontal isolation down, lift off from waist, the Z-spin, hula hoop escalator, hand toss and an introduction to dancing with your hula hoop. Yes, you can dance with only a few beginner hoop tricks! 

Are you ready? Grab your hoop and let’s get started!

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Top 10 Hula Hoop Tricks for Beginners
  1. Hula hooping on your waist


    World Record Hula Hoop Champ Marawa the Amazing teaches us how to waist hoop while keeping core muscles engaged, giving our tummies a good workout! The constant muscle engagement helps to tone your core while increasing flexibility and improving your coordination and balance.

    Did you know that you can burn 7 calories a minute or up to 400 calories an hour hula hooping?

2. Hooping in Lasso


Get your inner cowgirl or cowboy on by hooping in lasso with Jon Coyne aka Hoopsmiles. This is a great and simple hoop move for dancing as you still have the full freedom of the rest of your body while playing with your hula hoop.

Jon is also known worldwide for his How to Hula Hoop Rap Song featuring Liam SpinYang Ocean.

3. Round-and-Round / Passing the Hoop


Missy from Lansing Hoops explains how to pass the hoop in front of and behind your body. Round and Round, or passing, is an easy hoop trick that can be used to transition between more complicated moves or to allow you time to rest during your hoop flow session without completely stopping.

You can also try this trick at different levels around your body, for example, passing around your knees, or around one leg with the other leg raised. Try it out and see what you can create!

4. Barrel Roll Isolation


The Barrel Roll Isolation is a great introduction to basic hula hoop isolations!

Let’s try your first isolation with myself 🙂 Mishie Hoops, founder of The Hula Hoop Institute to learn how to turn and twirl your body while using two hands to keep your hoop in the same place and create an isolation effect.


5. Horizontal Isolation Down

The Horizontal Isolation Down or 2-Hand Float On is basic hoop transition move that you can use to put the hoop on and also take it off your body. My own first hoopdance teacher and YouTube sensation, Deanne Love from Hooplovers shows us how to connect 2 of the tricks you’ve already learnt from this article – transitioning from doing the hula hoop lasso above your head, into waist hooping, using the Horizontal Isolation Down.

This is a super graceful you can use continue your hoop dance and flow smoothly without pausing to put the hoop on or take the hoop off your body! 

6. Lift Up From Waist Hula Hoop Trick


Another great way you can remove the hoop from your body from waist hooping is the Lift Up From Waist or sometimes called the Back Lift. In this Hula Hoop Basics tutorial, Kamala from Fire Groove shows us how to lift the hoop up from off our waists – which is another great transition into the Lasso!

In the case you’re a French speaker, Lila Chupa-Hoops also teaches Le Lift Up in French

7. Z-Spin


The very entertaining Jane Fondle from Hoops, Thighs, Buttocks shows us how to do one of her favourite moves, the hula hoop Z-spin along with some booty shaking moves and a balloon. WOO!

She goes into some two hoop variations that you can come back to when you feel more comfortable with your hoops! But now you can try the Z-spin with both your dominant and non-dominant hands! 

8. Hula Hoop Hand Toss


It’s pretty common for hula hoops to be flying all around the place when we are learning to hoop dance, however this is a tutorial for intentional throwing! Gennie Garvey of The GemGen Corner demonstrates the Hula Hoop Hand Toss with tips on how to throw and be able to catch your hoop!

9. The Hula Hoop Escalator


After 2 years of trying to figure out the Hula Hoop Escalator, I finally learnt the classic escalator trick with this tutorial by Jo Mondy of LiveLoveHoop. Now I am obsessed with all the variations and teach all beginners this move as it looks so fancy and is actually really easy! 

You can also learn from my tutorial for The Escalator and Reverse Escalator which I made while I was in Bali, Indonesia!


10. How to Start Your Hoop Dance Flow

Last but not least, starting putting some of your new hula hoop tricks together! Here’s a demonstration of how you can dance with just 5 beginner hoop dance tricks with Morgan Jenkins of the Hooptown Hotties.



So there is it, a wrap up of our take of the top 10 free hoop dance tutorials for beginners, and how you can start connecting your hoop tricks together to find your hoop flow! Try all these tricks in both directions or with both your dominant and non-dominant hands to build on your coordination and strengthen both sides of your body equally!

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Let us know in the comments below if there are any tricks you’d like to learn, or beginner hula hoop tutorials from your favourite hoopers we need to feature in our upcoming articles!

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