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The Hula Hoop Institute

The Hula Hoop Institute

The Hula Hoop Institute offers free professional hula hoop dance tutorials for complete beginners to support you in starting your hula hooping journey.

Our videos are suitable for women and men, boys and girls. We are passionate about encouraging adults to connect with their inner child and letting them come out to play!

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Free Beginner Hula Hoop Dance Tutorials:

Learn to hula hoop with us! We’ve made these free beginner hoop tutorials for you!  Check out more of The Hula Hoop Institute’s free content HERE.

Lesson 1: How to Hula Hoop on Your Waist

Learn how to hula hoop dance for beginners! In this tutorial Mishie Hoops explains the basics of how hula hoop on your waist. she also shares tips on what to wear and how to choose the correct size hula hoop for you.

Lesson 2: The Forward Weave.

Learn the foundational off-body hoop dance move – the forward weave, or also commonly called the infinity or figure 8 depending on which country you’re from! The forward weave is a great transition move between hula hoop tricks.  Mishie Hoops explains the concept of planes and how to switch the forward weave from your dominant to non-dominant side. 

Lesson 3: Two Handed Centre Isolation.

This basic hula hoop isolation, the two handed isolation creates the illusion of your hoop staying in the same place while you move your hands around the hoop.  Mishie Hoops teaches you how to do this awesome off-body hula hoop trick and shows you how to add it into your hoop dance and find your flow!

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