hoop dream retreat 2024 is live!

26-31 March 2024 @ Bali

An intimate gathering of like-minded community; coming together to to play, explore and experience life & joy.

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Are you ready to wiggle, giggle and move your body?

Learn to hula hoop dance with international hula hooping award winner, Mishie Hoops.

Mishie has been teaching hula hoop dance since 2013 and she is passionate about getting you moving, learning while having fun and being playful. Before you know it, you’ll be spinning around and stringing hoop tricks together in your own little dance!


We love the hoop community! We have grown hoop communities in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. Our hoopers in Malaysia recently got together to teach 1000 people how to hula hoop, forming the biggest hoop gathering ever in the country! 

Our Hoop Dream Retreats aim to create a space where hoopers from around the world can come together and build an international network of friends who love hula hooping.


Mishie Hoops is an experienced performance artist who brings exciting visual entertainment to parties, festivals, clubs, corporate & community events.

She brings an engaging, unique experience to your event with fire dancing, LED hula hoop and multi-hoop performances. Mishie can perform solo or come with a team.

Previous retreats

Our awesome hula hoop retreats happened at these exotic locations!

Talalla, Sri Lanka


Langkawi, Malaysia

2017 & 2018

Bali, Indonesia



Thank you for helping us create a family while we were here and for all the new friends I have made from around the world. We all helped us face our fears of solo travels by bringing us together through our passions.

Neusha Iranpour

The Hoop Dream Retreat has been the single greatest experience of my entire life. Thank you.

I’m 100% coming next year, and the next, and the next.

Amanda Lee


This retreat facilitated building new friendships so close that it felt like I really had the opportunity to know who the true person was in everyone that attended, and it allowed me to open up in ways I never have and in ways I have always feared.

Denise Gonzales

Free Beginner Hula Hoop Dance Tutorials

Learn to hula hoop with us! We’ve made these free beginner hoop tutorials for you!

Lesson 6: The Escalator

Lesson 6: The Escalator

Mishie Hoops shows you how to do the hula hoop escalator, a fancy hoop trick that isn’t as hard as it looks. She demonstrates the escalator from all angles for your learning pleasure!

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Lesson 5: Two-Handed Hinge Transition

Lesson 5: Two-Handed Hinge Transition

Now that you can hula hoop on your waist you want to know how to move into off-body hoop dance and find your flow! Mishie Hoops shows you how to do a simple on-body to off-body hula hoop transition, the two handed hinge.

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Lesson 4: The Isolation Barrel Roll

Lesson 4: The Isolation Barrel Roll

The barrel roll isolation is a great introduction to basic hula hoop isolations! Join Mishie Hoops to learn how to turn and twirl your body while using two hands to keep your hoop in the same place and create an isolation effect.

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Hula Hoop tutorial: Coin Flip Reversal (ft. Emma Kenna)

Hula Hoop tutorial: Coin Flip Reversal (ft. Emma Kenna)

First video from The Hoop Dream Retreat hula hoop tutorial series. Coin Flip Reversal featuring Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad. Filmed by Morgan Jenkins. Voiceover & edited by Emma Kenna. Emma has taught at The Hoop Dream Retreat in Bali, Indonesia and Langkawi,...

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