Our Offerings:

The Hula Hoop Institute is serious about play – and sharing play with you!

Hula Hoop Dance Retreats

We offer hula hoop retreats to provide brand new and experienced hoopers the opportunity to travel and enjoy a hoop dance retreat experience in paradise. The Hoop Dream Retreat has run in Bali in Indonesia, Langkawi in Malaysia and will run in southern Sri Lanka. 

Our world-class instructors are handpicked with love from around the globe to offer you quality hoop tuition in intimate sized groups for maximum learning. You will meet a community of diverse hoopers and learn more hoop tricks than ever before!

Come experience our hoop dream with us, at The Hoop Dream Retreat.

Free Hula Hoop Tutorials

The Hula Hoop Institute also offers free professional hula hoop dance tutorials for complete beginners to support you in starting your hula hooping journey. Our videos are suitable for men and women, boys and girls! We are especially excited about encouraging adults to connect with their inner child and letting it come out to play!

Founder of The Hula Hoop Institute, Mishie Hoops

Mishie is Head Play Professional at The Hula Hoop Institute, dreamer upper of the Hoop Dream Retreat, educator of hoop dance and sharer of joy!

This former risk manager, project manager and corporate trainer turned fun loving, island living girl, is making her hoop dreams come true – playing, loving and laughing daily.

She spreads her love for hula hooping by bringing community together in exotic locations and sharing free hula hoop tutorials online with the world.

Mishie is an ambassador for PUMA and trainer for PUMA Team Faster in Malaysia, and international Hoopie award winner of 2016 Hooper of the Year – Asia.