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Free Hula Hoop Tutorials: Hoop Dream Retreat Series!

Check out some of our more advanced hoop dance tutorials filmed on site at our annual Hoop Dream Retreat! 

Hula Hoop Tutorial: Coin Flip Reversal (featuring Emma Kenna)

First video from The Hoop Dream Retreat hula hoop tutorial series. Coin Flip Reversal featuring Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad. Filmed by Morgan Jenkins. Voiceover & edited by Emma Kenna. Emma has taught at The Hoop Dream Retreat in Bali, Indonesia and Langkawi, Malaysia.

Hula Hoop Tutorial: Ghosting Isolation (featuring Morgan Jenkins)

Ghosting Isolation hula hoop tutorial featuring Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties for The Hoop Dream Retreat hula hoop tutorial series. Come hoop with us in beautiful Langkawi, Malaysia at the Hoop Dream Retreat!

Hula Hoop Tutorial: Twin Tech Hoop Combo (featuring Shaheen of The Fiery Pixies)

Twin Hoop Tech Combo hula hoop tutorial featuring Shaheen Van Der Schyff of The Fiery Pixies. This tutorial for The Hoop Dream Retreat hula hoop tutorial series is suitable for intermediate to advanced hula hoopers, especially those interested in hoop tech!
Shaheen is an instructor at our Hoop Dream Retreat in Malaysia & Sri Lanka!

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