Mishie is Head Play Professional at The Hula Hoop Institute, creator of the Hoop Dream Retreat, fire dancing enthusiast, and 2016 Hooper of the Year for Asia Hoopie award winner.

Mishie discovered her inner child and passion for hula hooping while working in a very serious job with one of Australia’s top multinational companies. Nursing a broken heart, she escaped the corporate world in 2013 to chase her hoop dreams to the beautiful paradise island of Bali.

She founded The Hula Hoop Institute, Asia’s largest hoop dance organization and has taught and performed at events and festivals across South East Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Mishie is also a dedicated Clarity Breathwork facilitator and sound healing enthusiast and will be guiding Breathwork during our next Hoop Dream Retreat in Bali.

www.thehulahoopinstitute.com / www.travelintoyou.com

As a beginner hooper, it is important for me to learn from someone who is able to communicate clearly without overwhelming me. Mishie broke down moves in a step-by-step way to suit my learning style. She is friendly and approachable and knows that learning how to hoop should primarily be about the fun!

She has the brain and the heart, in a good balance, and I will happily recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their practice.

Vesela K

Journalist, Bulgaria



Hula Hoop Performer and Fire Dance Performance

Clarity Breathwork with Michelle in bali