A lover of all things movement and dance, Olive’s hoop style has been growing for 8 years of self taught hooping amongst a myriad of dance classes and fire performing.

First picking up a hoop to help keep fit after an injury, hula hooping quickly moved from a fitness hobby to a complete obsession.
From performing in variety shows across Australia and the US, to co-founding the longest running fire show in Northern Thailand, hula hooping is Olive’s absolute love and passion to perform and teach.

Olive has trained in dance and performance through years of exploring different styles from street jazz, hip hop, house, commercial and burlesque. She approaches hula hooping with a broad perspective, interweaving elements of dance styles together with engaging theatrics and playful sass to create high impact performances.

After diving into the world of burlesque mid-lockdown, Olive’s performance style has made a considerable shift towards one of playful expression of sensuality and empowering erotic expression. Developing her own special style of Hoop-lesque (that’s Hula Hoop Burlesque!), she adores spicing up the stage with a ridiculous blend of comedy, strip tease and hula hooping; a style she loves to share with hoopers of all levels as a tool to connect with and express our silly and sensual sides.


Performance with Medicin Circus, Thailand

Bellyache Choreography by Olive Dip