We are The Fiery Pixies – husband and wife, 2 playful creatures from South Africa.

We are flow artists and fire dancers combining flow arts and theatre into our performance art. Our biggest passion is to Play, and to share the Magic.

Play is integral to our growth and it’s a way we naturally explore our curiosity.

Through our teachings we geek out on technical skills, shapes and geometry and we bring focus and awareness to “consciously playing”. How to integrate play and flow state into our daily lives.

Our main prop and first love is the hoop, however we play a variety of props including poi, fans, staff and juggling. Playing with multiple props and integrating dance and theatre has deepened our flow arts practice.

We are excited to share our Pixie magic with you!!!

The Fiery Pixies have been an instrumental part of our hoop journey. Their expression of their passion and creativity is evident in both their performances and their teaching. We at Hoop Flow Love have been honoured to experience both and look forward to their return to South Africa to share their wisdom and talent!


HoopFlowLove, South Africa



It takes hoop to tango

Fire Dust