I am a flow artist and performer, from Cape Town, South Africa, flowing since 2006. I have been teaching and performing all across the globe since 2012, inspiring and sharing my passion for transformation through movement and play.
I am a movement and play facilitator.
My philosophy and ethos is “Learning and Healing through play”

Drawing from my experience in flow arts, circus, theatre, dance and embodiment, my style is a combination of dance, flow, playful creativity, and techy shapes and patterns.

As a facilitator I bring these techniques together in an embodied connection and intention in the flow with your hoop, moving with the whole body and flowing with intention and story, bringing your flow alive.
I guide hoopers through a journey of playful, curious imagination, opening portals and breaking patterns.
We travel a path into ‘Coming Home to the Body’, a discovery of self expression, love and passion.

I have been teaching and part of the Hoop Dream family since 2017. I am excited to continue my journey with the hoop dream family this year and meeting new Hoop Dreamers.

The Fiery Pixies have been an instrumental part of our hoop journey. Their expression of their passion and creativity is evident in both their performances and their teaching. We at Hoop Flow Love have been honoured to experience both and look forward to their return to South Africa to share their wisdom and talent!


HoopFlowLove, South Africa



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